Custom Commercial Flooring

Unique, Dynamic Flooring for High-Traffic, High-Visibility Spaces

Denver International Airport.
Pepsi Center.
Jefferson County Government Center.
The United States Air Force Academy.

Millions of men, women and children from all around the world walk across the intricate terrazzo surfaces of these popular and iconic Colorado institutions every year. Durable, dramatic and unlike anything else, tile and terrazzo installed by the artisans at Colorado Design, Inc. can be found all around the Denver Metro Area. After decades of experience, and miles of installations, Colorado Design, Inc. is the best choice for government buildings, hospitals, schools and malls.


Wide Open Possibilities

If you can dream it, we can install it. After partnering for decades with the most prominent firms in the state, Colorado Design Inc. understands the creative process of architects and interior designs. We employ highly-skilled craftsmen and utilize the latest technology to translate even the most sophisticated designs accurately into terrazzo flooring and surfaces.

Sustainable and Civic-Minded

Recycled materials and low VOC epoxy make Colorado Design Inc.’s terrazzo flooring and counters an environmentally-friendly option for commercial buildings, and may provide vital points towards LEED® certification. Additionally, some custom terrazzo designs may qualify for public art status in Colorado and be eligible for state funding.

Accountable Project Management

Colorado Design, Inc. demonstrates accountability and pro-active project management throughout the entire installation process. We don’t just follow the project plan, we drive it. Our long record of rewarding partnerships serves as testament for our high level of service, quality and adherence to timelines and budget. Terrazzo and tile installed by Colorado Design Inc. will last the lifetime of its building, and will stay as beautiful and luminous as the day it was installed.

Colorado Proud

There’s a separate set of instructions for cooking at higher altitudes and terrazzo is no exception. Epoxy behaves differently in the Rockies, and so do the materials mixed in it. Colorado Design Inc. knows and understands the subtleties of a successful terrazzo installation in our state. Don’t let ignorance or inexperience cause unnecessary delays in your timeline.